About Ready-Mix Concrete Certification

The requirement for the third-party certification scheme for RMC supplying to construction project in Singapore has been enforced by Building and Construction Authority since 1 October 2010.  The certification is based on SS EN 206, SS 544-1, SS 544-2 and SAC certification criteria “CT 06 - SAC Criteria for Ready-Mixed Concrete Producers”. It is applicable to all plants supplying ready-mixed concrete for structural use in Singapore, including precast structural elements manufactured locally or overseas. Click here to see the circular issued by BCA on 4 Jan 2010.

Admaterials Technologies have been involved in this certification scheme since its first inception and we are one of the Certification Bodies (CBs) accredited by SAC. Up to dates, Admaterials Technologies have provided certification to 148 concrete batching plants (RMC and Precast) in Singapore, Johor and Batam.

Benefits of third-party Ready-Mixed Concrete Certification

  • Standardized and systematic approach to achieve quality objective that is acceptable for all parties. 
  • Reduced risk of delivering non-compliance product. 
  • Cost savings resulted from improved productivity, reduced downtime and reduced site testing.
  • International recognition through mutual recognition arrangement among the international accreditation body.
  • Increased credibility of the concrete supplier