We have extensive experience in diagnosing and solving concrete related problems during construction or at some subsequent time. These services include:
• Corrosion Status of Concrete Structure
• Chloride Content of Concrete Structure
• Adhesion Bonding Strength of Coating and Paints
• Adhesion Bonding Strength of Tiling
• Waterproofing Membrane
• Carbonation Depth
• Sealant

The scope of our Failure Analysis includes:

• Fire damage
• Structure distress
• Leaks and dampness in structure
• Cracking of concrete structure
• Concrete problem (Delay setting, low strength, cracking,water seepage, ASR, Chemical attack, delayed    Ettrigite)
• Tiling failure
• Stone problems (Breakage, pitting,discoloration, staining, cracking)
• Staining of building
• Paint/coating defects (Blistering, peeling,flaking, chalking)
• Flooring failure (Pitting, abrasion wear,cracking, debonding, peeling)