Admaterials provides a comprehensive range of physical, mechanical, and chemical properties testing on aggregate sample using BS, BS EN, and ASTM standards

• Grading (particle size distribution)
• Fines content
• Fines quality
• Shell content
• Angularity number
• Particle shape index
• Flakiness & elongation index
• Percentage of fractured particles
• Flat and/or elongated particles

• Moisture content
• Los Angeles abrasion
• Abrasion value
• Crushing value
• Impact value
• 10% fines value
• Bulk density
• Particle density & water absorption

• Chloride content
• Sulphate content
• Humus content
 Fulvo acid
• Loss on ignition
• Potential ASR (chemical method)
• Lightweight organic contaminator

• Soundness
• Drying shrinkage

• Petrographic examination
• Alkali-silica reactivity by accelerated mortar bar and concrete prism method Abrasion

Geological Inspection
Testing and evaluation of aggregate’s quality from foreign source be comes important since its restriction of supply from existing source into Singapore. To ensure the aggregate from one source is suitable for use, Admaterials has the capacity to provide you the geological inspection on the quarry site, such as:
 New source assessment
 Specification compliance
 Comparison between materials
 Quality control
 Prediction of in-service behaviour

Imported Aggregates Testing
Since early 2007 Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) has adopted a three-stage testing regime on imported aggregates to determine the quality of aggregates imported from overseas sources. Since beginning, Admaterials has provided imported aggregate testing for the following tests as required by BCA.

1. Petrographic Examination (ASTM C295),
2. Alkali Silica Reactivity–Mortar Bar Method (ASTM C1260),
3. Water Soluble Chloride Content (EN 1744-1, Clause 7),
4. Acid Soluble Sulphate Content (EN 1744-1, Clause 12)


We are the expert in ASR tests

 We have tested uncountable numbers of sample for ASR, Petrographic Examination and Mortar Bar Method.
 We are under the list of BCA Acceptable Analysts with in-housecapabilities to conduct ASR Test.
 We are also SAC-SINGLAS Accredited for the ASR test (conforming to EN, BS, ASTM Standards).

Reclamation Sand Testing
Large-scale land reclamation has been undertaken in different parts of
Singapore since the 1960s. We started our business by doing the recla
mation sand testing since 2008. We provide the following reclamation
sand testing:

1. Sieve Analysis,
2. Silt Content & Coral Content,
3. Organic Matter Content,
4. Angle of Shearing Resistance,
5. 12 Heavy Metals Analysis