Dry Wall Testing

The  Buildable  Design  Appraisal  System  or  BDAS  was  developed  by  the  Building  and  Construction Authority as a means to measure the potential impact of a building design on the usage of site labour. One of the buildable systems that improve the site productivity is the prefabricated partition wall system.  One of the requirements for this wall system is it has to satisfy the strength requirement as stated in SS 492.

Admaterials is able to provide the full tests according to SS 492/BS 5234-2. 

  • Determination of partition wall stiffness (Annex A)
  • Determination of surface damage by small hard body impact (Annex B)
  • Determination of resistance to damage by impact from a large soft body (Annex C)
  • Determination of resistance to perforation by small hard body impact (Annex D)
  • Determination of resistance to structural damage by multiple impacts from a large soft body (Annex E)
  • Determination of the effects of door slamming (Annex F)
  • Determination of resistance to crowd pressure (Annex G)
  • Lightweight anchorage pull out test (Annex H)
  • Lightweight anchorage pull down test (Annex J)
  • Heavyweight anchorage (wash basin) eccentric downward loading test (Annex K)
  • Heavyweight anchorage (high level wall cupboard) eccentric downward loading test (Annex L)