Masonry Units

We provide the testing services for masonry units based on EN 771 specification
(clay masonry units, calcium silicate masonry units , Aggregate
concrete masonry units (dense and light weight aggregates), Autoclaved
aerated concrete masonry units, manufactured stone masonry units and
natural stone masonry units) for the following tests.
• Compressive strength
• Water absorption
• Capillary water absorption
• Dry density
• Moisture movement

Paving Materials 

We provide the testing for concrete paving blocks, flags, kerbs and clay
pavers according to BS EN 1338, BS EN 1339, BS EN 1340 and BS EN 1344
specifications for the following tests.
• Dimension measurements
• Total water absorption
• Tensile splitting strength
• Bending strength
• Transverse breaking load
• Unpolished Slip Resistance Value
• Verification of visual aspects

Natural Stones

Admaterials also provides natural (dimension) stones testing
for wide range of European (EN) and American (ASTM) test
methods for the following tests.
• Petrographic description
• Compressive strength
• Flexural strength
• Modulus of rapture
• Abrasion resistance
• Slip resistance
• Stain resistance
• Capillary water absorption
• Dimensional stability
• Water absorption & bulk specific gravity