Soil Testing

As the basic structural foundation for almost all construction, soil materials play an important role in the ultimate success of a project. Admaterials is equipped to carry out most of the tests specified in BS 1377, Methods of Tests for Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes, from basic classification testing to chemical analysis.

Admaterials is capable of carrying out the following soil test services: 

  •  Particle Size Distribution
  •  Direct Shear Box test
  •  Compaction Test (Maximum & Minimum Dry Density)
  •  Moisture
  •  Unconfined Compressive Strength
  •  Atterberg Limit
  •  Linear Shrinkage
  •  California Bearing Ratio
  •  Constant Head Permeability
  •  Sand Replacement
  •  pH Value
  •  Organic Matter
  •  Mass Loss on Ignition
  •  Sulphate Content
  •  Carbonate Content
  •  Chloride Content
  •  Total Dissolved Salt

Rock Testing

Admaterials also provides rock testing services:

  • Unconfined Compressive strength
  • Water (Moisture) Content
  • Point Load Strength Index