Soil-Cement Mixture Testing

Cement-treated base (CTB) is an intimate mixture of aggregate material and/or granular soils combined with measured amounts of portland cement and water that hardens after compaction and curing to form a durable paving material. CTB is suitable as a base (for asphalt pavements) or subbase (for concrete pavements) of:

  • Mainline highways
  • High-volume streets and local roads
  • Residential streets
  • Heavy industrial/intermodal/military facilities
  • Airport runways, taxiways and aprons
  • Parking lots 


Admaterials provides the testing and mix design consultancy for this CTB included the raw materials testing. We have been testing this CTB samples for Changi Airport and LTA road projects.

  • Wetting and Drying Compacted Soil-Cement Mixtures - ASTM D559
  • Moisture-Density (Unit Weight) Relations of Soil-Cement Mixtures - ASTM D558
  • Compressive Strength of Molded Soil-Cement Cylinders - ASTM D1633
  • Measuring Thickness of Concrete Elments Using Drilled Concrete cores -ASTM C174/C174M-17