Admaterials is equipped with fully integrated,state-of-the-art testing facilities to perform a wide range of mechanical testing to help you to verify the mechanical properties of your materials,not limited to metals but also polymers. Our combination of highly experienced technicians,competitive pricing and fast turnaround time provides an ideal solution for your testing needs.

The scope of our Mechanical Testing includes:

Tensile Test
Rend & Rebend Test
Charpy Impact Test
Brinell Hardness Test
Rockwell Hardness Test
Vickers Hardness Test
Weld Shear Test
Chemical Composition

Admaterials has a particular expertise in the testing and analysis of
steels for use in concrete structures. This includes materials such as:

Metals & Metals Product
Reinforcing Steel
Welded Steel Fabric
Prestressing Steel
Mechanical Couplers
Structural Steel
Bolts & Nuts
Machinery Workshop

Machinery Workshop

In order to serve the needs of our mechanical testing services, Admaterials has invested in a complete
engineering workshop. It is equipped with lathe, miller, grinder and drill machines to fulfill the standard preparation requirement for our test specimen.

Admaterials has a diverse fleet of universal testing machines covering a range from 50kN to 2000kN.